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Elevating Your Music Distribution: The Distinct Advantages of VB Digital Over DistroKid


In today's music landscape, where digital distribution is a cornerstone of reaching a global audience, choosing the right platform to distribute your music is paramount. While many options are available, VB Digital stands out as a UK-based, independent distribution service that is powered by passionate musicians, engineers, and producers. In this blog, we explore the unique advantages that VB Digital offers over DistroKid, highlighting how their local presence, commitment to personalized support, and dedication to the art of music create a distinctive platform for musicians seeking the best distribution experience.

A Local and Independent Approach

VB Digital's UK-based roots set them apart from the competition. Being locally operated means they understand the nuances of the British music scene, allowing them to cater to the specific needs of musicians in the region. This localized approach provides a sense of familiarity, relatability, and cultural resonance that can be invaluable for UK musicians seeking to establish their presence.

Personalized Support at Your Fingertips

In an era of digital interactions, having the option to speak to a real person can be a game-changer. VB Digital offers the unique feature of a direct UK phone number, enabling you to connect with a human representative. This personalized support ensures that your queries are addressed promptly and comprehensively, and you can receive tailored assistance in navigating the distribution process, making informed decisions, and overcoming any challenges.

A Community of Musicians and Industry Professionals

VB Digital's affiliation with passionate musicians, engineers, and producers means that they truly understand the music journey from the inside out. Their team's firsthand experience in the industry equips them with insights that can enhance your distribution strategy. They speak your language, empathize with your challenges, and offer practical advice that extends beyond mere technicalities.

Collaboration, Not Just Distribution

VB Digital's ethos goes beyond transactional distribution – they believe in nurturing collaborations and partnerships. As a musician, you're not just a user of their service; you're part of a community that supports and celebrates each other's artistic endeavors. This sense of camaraderie can be the driving force behind growth and success in your music career.

Focused Expertise

VB Digital's commitment to being a distribution platform designed by musicians, engineers, and producers for musicians sets them apart from more generalized services. Their unique perspective allows them to provide insights and solutions that cater specifically to the needs of artists, producers, and those deeply involved in the creative process.

Local Pride, Global Reach

While VB Digital takes pride in being UK based, their distribution reach is global. Your music will still be available on all major streaming platforms and digital stores around the world, ensuring that your music can reach a wide international audience while benefiting from the expertise of a local platform.

Integrity and Transparency

VB Digital's independent status is a testament to their commitment to integrity and transparency. As musicians themselves, they understand the importance of fair dealings and ethical practices. This means you can trust that your music and royalties are handled with the utmost care and professionalism.


In the dynamic realm of digital music distribution, the choice between platforms can greatly impact your music career. VB Digital, with its UK-based identity, passionate team, direct customer support, and musician-centric approach, emerges as a compelling alternative to DistroKid. Their dedication to building a community, offering personalized assistance, and fostering collaborations make them an indispensable partner for musicians seeking a platform that aligns with their values and aspirations. By choosing VB Digital, you're not just distributing your music; you're joining a movement of like-minded artists who understand and celebrate the artistry and dedication behind every musical creation.

What is your experience of using Distributors, who do you distribute with at the moment and why are you still with them?

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