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Recording Services Stoke on Trent

Control Room 

We have a hybrid recording system where we use high end Analogue and Digital conversions to craft an artists desired sound. In 2020 Venombase was awarded Recording Studio of The Year by Corporate Livewire.

Chris Dulson Producer

Chris Dulson has over 25 years experience of producing records. Nicknamed the "The Wizard" by bands, Chris has a flare for working with all genres of music and creating productions that set the standard for the industry.

Record Producer Stoke on Trent
Mastering Studio Stoke on Trent


The studio prides itself with high end hardware and software brands including;

TL Audio 

Rupert Neve

Kush Clariphonic 


Lynx Aurora






and many more.........

Mixing and Mastering

We can take your recording project to the next level. 

Have your audio mixed, edited and arranged to get it sounding great for your audience and with a touch of analogue and digital techniques and experience in mastering, with our services, your audio will be ready for the ears that count. 

Mixing & Mastering Stoke on Trent