Rehearsal Rooms/Dance Studios

Best Practice Space Stoke on Trent
Denrys Studios

We pride ourselves on our commitment to provide high quality competitively priced rehearsal rooms to all our customers, whilst maintaining the highest quality standards.


£12 - Per Hour
£26 - Basic Rehearsal: 3 Hours
£50 - Standard Rehearsal: 6 Hours
£80 - Pay in Advance(PIA) 4xBasic Rehearsals+1 FREE Hour+Choice of Room!!!



£15 Per Hour

£32 - 3 Hours

£62 - 6 Hours - MOST POPULAR


All rehearsal rooms are custom designed and are approx 30sqm, fully air-conditioned, acoustically treated and come as standard with a PA system to play music through for dance or use for vocals, mics, mic stands and mic cables. 


Equipment such as drum kits, guitar amps and speaker cabs and dance props come at no extra cost to your rehearsal. Please request these when booking. All equipment is subject to availability. 


Inclusive in our rehearsal room prices are refreshments of tea, coffee and juice.

FREE storage is also available.

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