Bang Bang Crash Crash goes the noise in the studio, in 1 room, in 2 rooms, EVERYWHERE! As noisy as it was

walking around, trying to answer the phone, trying to find a quietish space to just talk normal on the phone instead of shouting loudly or speaking firmly to customers. The soundproofing or sound resistance as Chris likes to call it-This phrase happend when Chris assessed watches. Ya know, are they waterproof or water resistant? Proof is proof, no water in, Resistance only takes a matter of time before water leaks in.

Water Leaks ARRGGHHHHH!!!!! Anyway, not to go too far off topic, the studio already applied for planning permission from Stoke-on-Trent City Council following an assessment of sound leakage. Passed with flying colours of course and with only 1 attempted complaint to date, no neighbours complained ever  again. RESULT!


It was the noise inside the studio that was concerning. How could a business continue to operate when ya can't even have a decent conversation over the phone? The social networking trend was about to go BOOM!

Myspace-That's not My Space as in My Space but.....-SHUT UP! It was one of the 1st networking platforms that got really popular. Do you remember it? Personal Profiles, Artist Profiles, Business Profiles, it seemed to of clocked onto something really good and it was. Sat in the freezing cold store room next to room 2 with a laptop clamped to a hobby horse and a web-dongle, the process began along the lines of messaging artists if they were interested in using any of our services. I mean with Rehearsal Rooms, Recording and more under the studios belt, the market was just MASSIVE!!! 2 Rehearsal Rooms, 2 Artists being managed with their credibility developing nicely and a whole host of events that the studio was involved with, how could artists not want to come and get to know Venombase? 

Still, the the studio wasn't in optimum condition but we had to sell what we had in the hope of eventually undergoing more improvements. It was HARD, it was DIFFICULT, it was NERVE RACKING, it was ALL GOING TO BE WORTH IT!!!-Yeah right!-There had to be doubts somewhere. A new service was about to be launched and one that Chris had again, no experience in but he had the right person to drive it.

Singing Tuition became popular with the likes of the X Factor launching and inspirational singers coming from it. There was a lot of students appearing at weekends and forward the service went. 

Along with all that, the studio went from managing 2 bands to 6!!! What the hell was going on, the studio hadn't even broke 1 artist yet let alone 6!!! It was great talking to promoters, pr companies and record labels about these fabulous artists. "There was no favourite" Chris says as a cheeky monkey tried to dig that information out of Chris. 


Who was the favourite? "C'mon, surely its us? he said.

To be continued........