So yeah, it was pretty equal across the line really, not 1 band was preferred over another. Chris just wanted all artists to be successful in whatever they wish to do. The flash of a refurbishment was on the horizon but not before some other phenomenal changes were to occur. Disco dancing on a Saturday Night was always a favourite pastime of Chris's especially after ending up DJing at The Sugarmill in Stoke-on-Trent to a pretty non-existent crowd. Yes that right folks, Chris has been there himself, in the spotlight with very little turning up to the door. Pretty, one was though-you heard Yoda from Star Wars in that right?.

This aint gonna be a write-up of all mushy mooey gooey stuff or even a Fifty Shades of Grey style even though, we would probably get a lot of web-hits right? 

Her name was Emma and as stern and firm her tone and prowess was, she said: "Whats up with you?"

Chris had to say: "To date me, you would have to work with me." Not shying away or even jumping at Chris with her arms wide, she said, "yeah right!" To finish off these few sickly lines, she was in disbelief and so Chris continued to work on his business whilst regularly contacting Emma. In a nutshell, cuz this is a blog, not a life or love story, she eventually put her hand out to help. 

After indulging in all of the knowledge and contacts that Chris had, she took the reigns of the Venombase Artist Management Service and run with it she did. Emma was saying things like "OMG ive just spoken to....." and more and more success rolled out over the coming years. She got a gig for a band at a 100,000 capacity festival, support slots with chart topping artists, clothing endorsements, the lot! She was in it, the music industry with Chris still there on hand giving guidance and coaching to see her through. 

Rollin Rolllin - SHAT APP! 

Soon, a Tour was on the cards for a band. Only a Mini Tour but damn did they make a lot of noise wherever they went. Commenting on the escapades would put this child friendly blog to shame. Swinging off lights, camping on grass verges and oh, lets not forget the Police catching em with their pants down, LITERALLY!

That was a few pretty calm comments eh? Yeah, London was calling as well as all over daan saaff-TERRIBLE!

Band turned up at the  first gig as early as expected and rocked the place! Onto the 2nd gig, early again, very early actually by a whole 6 hours which they had to kill. Onto the Sound Engineer who was getting ready for sound-check later on to an already packed out place and "oh no"-there were other words used to describe this moment which im sure you can make up yourself. The Guitarist, could not, find his guitar! Looked everywhere, grass verges, tent, van and everywhere. He had it at the last gig so attempts were made to contact the place an hour before they were due on stage. The journey back to the previous venue was just over an hour!!! The place said they couldn't find it but everyone in the band was determined that it was there. Chris said, "we're going, get in." Commenting on the speed and diligence at this point to the venue would be criminal. Emma eventually secured a slightly later slot on the night at the venue by around 15 mins and that was IT! If there was a no show, there would be no gig, expenses not covered and a trek back home. Arrived at the venue in a blind panic, parked up, dashed in and within 3 minutes, we had THE Guitar! Couldn't believe how a venue could disregard someones equipment like that. It may as well of been THEFT! On the way back, the clock was ticking and ever so close it was. The guitarist was on the phone to his band saying "get on stage and he will be there!" Chris was like, its gonna be sooo tight. Executing an emergency stop outside the venue, the guitarist jumped out onto the stage, plugged in and took a strum just as the rest of the band were about to kick in with their first song. AMAZING ACHIEVEMENT! 

The gig went on, the band got kudos credit for their sound and a cult following began for the band. 

To be continued cuz im exhausted just reading back at this........