So Emma has the reigns, the studios debts are getting cleared up but still no famous artists! With everything in check, the studio decor looking ok, obviously the store room was a whole different phase of work, a mini tour was completed and everyone was buzzing! Of course, Chris had experienced by himself before that old cliche of "all good things must come to an end." And now.............the end is near..........and so i face...........

Yeah, some good things do come to an end but when an opportunity arises, you got to try and make things happen as Chris always has."You still got legs Chris right?" "just about" he says. With that band closing the door on that project, it was time to get the focus back on the studio itself. As previously written, decor was ok and all that but there was another hint of "what if." Around the corner was a premises of great size, a clean toilet and so much potential. The premises was actually viewed by Chris some 10 previous years ago but was far too expensive regarding rent, rates and all that business shizzle. The premises was now available again and almost every day Chris would drive past saying to himself "be ideal that with it been on the ground floor." The ground floor, that one moan and groan by customers of the past. "Great studio but the stairs....."etc etc. Chris knew he couldn't build a lift or even build a lift just to haul gear to the top of the stairs. Good exercise never did  anyone any harm, "Have these bands even walked up n down the stairs of The Cavern Club in Liverpool yet?" "Maybe not week in and week out Chris," BANG......for once Chris could'nt reply. 

For all his good intentions, Chris couldn't of even installed a crane or anything because of the shared access to other premises surrounding the studio and so just had to keep spirits high by saying "once your up here, you can stay up here" or "you can store your gear once at the top of the stairs if you like?" Last one: "We have cabs you can use save you bringing yours up". There's probably many more one liners but the conversation with the landlord every time just got nowhere until...................

Chris: "Has that premises become available on the front?" Landlord: "Yes why?" Chris: "Well i don't care how much it costs, i want it". Chris knew his response was well out there and like he was rolling round in pound notes with credit cards coming out of his ears. Luckily the landlord knew that he had to sit Chris down to talk serious business eventually. The pressure was on, no spare cash in the bank, no savings, no loans, no credit cards, just month by month living. How are you going to pay for this Chris? Chris could of turned political, dodging every question that come to him in a manner that would not see a proper answer to a question, ya know, that type of thing. Instead, the positive chap consulted with Emma about what they could do with the place. Venombase was screaming out for ground floor access, disabled access, more rooms, bigger rooms, a photography studio and a proper office because the control room was a recording studio, kitchen and office all in one which was a nightmare because when someone flicked the kettle on, the electric would drop and then you just couldn't work with the noisy kettle in the background. Chris loved a brew though and more often than your average person for sure. 

It was then decided that Chris couldn't actually have his name on the premises because if he did then his business rates would be sky rocketed and be completely unmanageable. Chris turns his head like a lost hungry boy wanting more gruel-Ya know the story cuz it has a twist in it, and says: Can you put your name on it Emma please? Emma gave the most craziest death stare going, you will know the one if you ever cross her. Emma replied: "Haven't we got enough going on?". Chris stayed quiet and knew what was going on at the time. Then Emma came up with a better idea. "Let's partner with a photographer and have more rehearsal rooms and a photography studio." Chris wasn't too keen on partnering with anybody but could see that, if he did, he would have more rooms. 

An approach was made to a local photographer called Andy Pickford(real name Richard Andrew Pickford). People called him Andy as he never prefered the name Richard. Andy had previously worked with Venombase and its artists delivering great historic images live at gigs and in the studio itself. A guess was made that Andy may be a bit tied up to start a business but, it was something that Andy had always wanted to do as soon as he got in to photography. A meeting was arranged and another partner was drafted in called David Chadwick. He was to join Andy on his adventure. Chris and Emma were on hand to help develop Andys and Daves business with them by developing a business plan to give a clear vision of what could be possible. Business plan finished, now we need that premises.
The premises was still expensive from the time when Chris looked at it and yes it was still a shared cost but everything was getting more expensive around this year(2017). The premises was signed over and now the graft. Once again, Chris lent his handy work to build one room. One Room? Just one room? Yes, just one rehearsal room. Chris wanted all the rooms though? Chris couldn't have all the rooms because one was to be a photography studio obviously and the other was going to be a dance studio. Dance Studio? Hang on, why a dance studio? Has Chris gotten some tap dancing shoes now and going to broadway? No, as talented as Chris is, i think sometimes you can know and learn too much even if he was a break dancer in the 90's and still thinks he is. 

There were mirrors already up in  part of the premises as it was a gym beforehand but then started to turn in to a catering business but that business hadn't got around to removing the mirrors so, a dance studio made sense. Music, media and the arts all come together at some point.  Time to get a groove on and build this new place eh?

To be continued............